Rotor control not working with ERC-M Yaesu control

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Rotor control not working with ERC-M Yaesu control

I got this working but only half way. AZ data is read by CQRlog but send commands do not work. Rotor just site there with no reaction to left right short path long path buttons.

Rick, W2JAZ

Rotor control not working with ERC-M Yaesu control

Hi Rick
If you get position you should be able to move rotor too.
Be sure that your rotor is supported by hamlib version you are using.

When Cqrlog is running you can open command line terminal and open telnet:
telnet localhost 4533
When connection is opened commands
+M 8
+M 16
Should turn left and right
stops turning. To turn to certain direction command is
+P 44 0
Should turn to 44 degrees.

All those commands should response as RPRT 0
If you get any other RPRT number it indicates your rotator model does not support command or there is some other problem.

Those are commands that Cqrlog uses.
When command terminal is open, but you are not opened telnet you can type :
man rotctrld
To get more information.

If I remember right there are some models that can show direction, but can not support turn commands. Check that your rotor is not one of those.


adamusa (not verified)

Sometimes, firewalls or antivirus software can block connections from your application. Make sure CQRlog and Roto are added to their exclusion list. Suika game


Occasionally, firewalls or antivirus programs might prevent your application from connecting. Ensure that both CQRlog and Roto are on their whitelist. Don't forget to add papa's freezeria to the list as well.

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