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LOTW upload

When I try to upload to LOTW the signed file, it stops and gives me: Uploading file... size: Error.-2
What does that indicate the problem is?
When I try to download from LOTW, it says NOT logged Errorl-2 Error. Error. ssl_openssl

What's wrong? Thanks!

LOTW upload


-2 means server has rejected your upload.
Not logged indicates that your username/password went wrong, but then there is also ssl error that indicates something is wrong with the encrypt.

First start with password.
Without knowing your Cqrlog version I can tell that some older versions had problems with special characters in password.
In case you know you have special characters in password change your lotw password to simple one having just letters A-Z, a-z and numbers.
Test with web browser that you can log in. Then change this password to Cqrlog/preferences and make a new test. Did it help?

If you still have openssl error try directly with tqsl program.
Cqrlog saves all up and downloaded files to ~/.config/cqrlog/lotw folder (it is hidden folder you have to set "show hidden files and folders" to your file manager settings to see it).
Filenames have date and timestamps in name.

Look at the latest ".adi" with text editor. Has it qsos you tried to upload?
Then copy this file to /tmp folder (Tqsl can not find hidden files), open Tqsl program and try to use "File/Sign and upload Cabrillo or ADIF file" for that file.
If it works then your Cqrlog uses too old openssl and can not properly produce https encrypting.

OK. All these are just guess as there are so many versions of Cqrlog and Tqsl available and you did not specify what you are using there.


Same problem and solution which worked for me

Same issue and solution which worked for me I encountered the same error on downloading from LoTW on mu RPi, probably someting broke when updating / upgrading libraries... I was able to solve it with two commands in a terminal window, as per instructions by ON4ABR:

sudo cp /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libssl.so* /usr/lib

sudo cp /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libcrypto.so* /usr/lib

untriedleech (not verified)
Thanks for the solution,

Thanks for the solution, problem solved.
eggy car