Hamlib problem

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Hamlib problem

I decided it was time to update my Hamlib application to the latest version. Did a 'make uninstall' to clean out the old version and then followed Z34PEC's instructions in the Rigctl error after installing latest hamlib and wsjtx Forum post. Did the git clone https://github.com/Hamlib/Hamlib.git and then followed the installation process. Now I have $ rigctl --version
rigctl Hamlib 4.6~git 2023-11-14T16:23:14Z SHA=847836 64-bit
However after configuring TRX control for my Icom 7300 CQRLog does not see the radio. Starting CQRLog gives a Access violation message:

"Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Abort to kill the program."

If I abort the program and start CQRLog from a terminal window I get this information:
peter@Alpha-HP-Linux:~$ cqrlog

Cqrlog Ver:2.6.0_(119)_Gtk2 Date:2023-10-03
**** DEBUG LEVEL 0 ****
**** CHANGE WITH --debug=NR PARAMETER ****
*** Parameter -h or --help for details ***

Linux version 6.2.0-32-generic (buildd@lcy02-amd64-076) (x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-11 (Ubuntu 11.4.0-1ubuntu1~22.04) 11.4.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.38) #32~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Aug 18 10:40:13 UTC 2

RigCtldArgs:-m 3073 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -t 4532 -s 9600 --set-conf=data_bits=8,stop_bits=1,serial_parity=None,rts_state=ON
RunRigCtld: TRUE
RigDevice: /dev/ttyUSB0
RigPoll: 500
RigChkVfo TRUE
RigId: 3073

Starting RigCtld ...
rigProcess.Executable: /usr/local/bin/rigctld

rigctld started!
Waiting for rigctld 1 @ localhost:4532
Connected to rigctld
Polling - allowcommand:10

Sending: +\chk_vfo
Msg from rig:CHKVFO: 0
"--vfo" checked:0
WARNING: TGtk2WidgetSet.InvalidateRect refused invalidating during paint message: TStringGrid
Polling - allowcommand:9

Sending: +\dump_caps
(Every parameter of the radio and CQRLog)

Al the parameters look to be correct........Any help would be appreciated


Hamlib problem

All looks good so far.
Next command is to set rig pwr on, if allowed at proper preferences.
Polling doesn't start if Cqrlog does not get reply of power state.

With ic7300 (I have one) it sometimes fails with power state.I do not know why. We did lot of work with Mike to resolve this( mostly it was case when rigctld was started with script before Cqrlog and Cqrlog used model m#2)

Try to uncheck rig power on command in preferences trxcontrol and be sure rig is running when Cqrlog starts. Look what happens after dump caps reply has passed.


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Hamlib problem

To make a very long story short, after resetting, recheck redoing everything I finally attached another laptop running CQRLog 119 and Hamlib 4.6 and everything worked as designed. So evidently my issue is with the OS on the original laptop.

So this problem can be closed.


Peter, NN9K