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cqrlog on NixOS

Good morning all, and thank you for cqrlog!

I have set up a laptop using nixos, and wish to install cqrlog. The version provided via the nixos packages is 2.5.2. In the definition file for installing cqrlog, it has tqsl as a dependency (as expected), but this is pulling in a very old version of openssl (1.1.1), despite the openssl version not being specified in the tqsl package.

Of course I recognise this is not a cqrlog issue, but I am hoping to find someone who has been down this path on NixOS and resolved it! I have posted a message in the NixOS forum as well - I guess there aren't many of us using this combination!

If you have come across this issue, how did you resolve it?



This was caused by an

This was caused by an obsolete pin holding the version of openssl - a pull request has now been submitted to remove this pin so it can build.

OceanOvertureX (not verified)
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