Latest Hamlib and Hamlib CW keying fails

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Latest Hamlib and Hamlib CW keying fails

A word of warning for those who use Hamlib keyer.
While testing today filter settings, message I upgraded my Hamlib to latest version available today.

After test was over I decided to call CQ on 6m CW. Just to notice that memory keys did send corrupted CQ message.
As only Hamlib was changed I returned back to previous Hamlib version and found out that memory sending works again normally.

So between Hamlib 4.6~git Jan 19 2023 and Hamlib 4.6~git Jun 05 2023 something has changed that breaks CW sending with Hamlib keyer.
It seems to be problem with getting results RPRT0 or RPRT -9 (rejected) when sending memory text letter by letter.(that is used to find out when rig's internal CW buffer gets full). Responses seem to return too slow for unknown reason.

At least with Icom IC7300 rig. I have no others to test.

If you are using Hamlib take this note and save your current working Hamlib (rigctld and libraries) before upgrading until this problem is solved.

Latest Hamlib and Hamlib CW keying fails

Cqrlog Alpha (117), only available as source at the moment, has now quick fix for hamlib CW keying.
The root reason failure has been found, but this still needs discussion with Hamlib developers.

The change that has been done is not backward compatible with command "b" (send morse) and is also otherwise weird.
You can send letter "A" with command "bA" or "b A". Both work.
But you can not send lonely space with "b ". You have to send "b "(has two spaces) to get one space length delay without RPRT-9 error.

(117) will now detect RPRT-9 if lonely space is sent and add an extra space always between "b-command" and text to send until the end of message.

Using this fix new and old Hamlibs work.....until they make next change