Duplicated QSO handling improvement

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Duplicated QSO handling improvement


I'm sure I'm not the only one among the thousands of CQRLOG users which has faced this issue.

When the program saves the same QSO twice (happening some times with FT-8 and WSJT-X logging feature) and you try to delete one of these duplicates, then if you have enabled the upload onto CLUBLOG and, or HDRLOG, the updating/uploading process fails because the remote servers cannot proceed because they don't found anymore the QSO!

I wish you developers try to find a solution to this problem in order to be able to edit the log by deleting a duplicated QSO, without then facing the updating/uploading issue on the remote servers as CLUBLOG and, or HDRLOG.

When this happens to me, I need to export all the log QSO's in ADIF format file and manually upload it on the specific remote server, through its web interface.

Thanks for your kindest attention.

Best regards.

Duplicated QSO handling improvement


How can you make that happen?
With about 8k of FT qsos in log I have never faced that kind of problem. The most common problem for me has been that I forgot to set the wsjtx remote on and so qsos are only in wsjtx's log and must be adif transferred from there. It would be interesting to know how the duplicate is made.

If you press wsjtx log window's OK button you can do it only once. Even if you have defect mouse button that sends several pulses with one press (I have that just now) only the first is counted for OK button. After pressed the window clears up and closes so there is no way to do logging twice. Have you checked wsjtx_log.adi log at ~/.local/share/WSJT-X are same qsos also there twice?

I have made some additons to reset upload triggers (by user request). But they do not exist in official source, just in my loc_testing version. I do not know how useful they are as I do not use external log servers.