CQRLOG 0.9.6 released (2010-11-13)


  • CONTESTIA mode added
  • QRZ.COM search - fixed

Download here.



I am having trouble with CQRLOG accepting an .adif file. Anyone else having this experience?
I had to re-build my LINUX Box; I used to be able to Import from AC LOG with no Problem.
I know the file isn't corrupt; just curious
N9JCA Chris

adif file

hi.. also o have problem.....because i import the file find 568 record and 31 error and stop... don't appear anithing also and i wait..wait... but nothing.......
how is wrong(my english sure...sorry)
can you help me??? ciao steve ik4ddi

ADIF file

I also had some problems with importing file.adif. In my case, the errors stem from the fact that there was no list of ways how ROS. I this case all the way QSO that contained this issue were not imported and marked as an error. Check the errors file


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