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Upgrade CQRLOG from earlier versions to ver. 0.7.0


Since version 0.7.0, CQRLOG uses a recent version of firebird database 2.1.1. which is not compatible with files, created in firebird 1.5.4. Therefore an upgrade must be performed.

The only safe way to make this upgrade is the ADIF export of your log data from the CQRLOG version 0.6.0 or earlier. Remember to check the 'Show all QSOs' option in Preferences -> Program. Check also the Preferences -> Export and carefully check all fields you want to export!

Go to the QSO list window (CTRL+O), from the upper menu bar choose File -> Export -> ADIF. Export all your QSO data.

Rename your current CQRLOG installation directory to another name (ie. cqrlog-old). Now install the CQRLOG ver. 0.7.0 into /home/user/cqrlog folder (the actual /user/ name may vary upon the actual name used). Copy your old configuration file from the previous version - it is the /cqrlog/log_data/cqrlog.cfg (this file will be modified by the program but you can transfer most of your settings to the new version). Also, if you are using another bitmap for the grayliner, copy it into the /cqrlog/images. It is the BigEarth.bmp file (the name cannot be changed).

Start the new CQRLOG. From the menu now choose File -> Import -> ADIF and navigate to the previously exported ADIF data file. The import may take a while (a large log with ~100.000 QSO is imported in some 9 minutes, depending on the machine speed).

If you use the large notes option (CTRL+N), these are not exported into ADIF - they can contain everything and are very large, so NOT ADIF compliant! Recall the note, then copy & paste (CTRL+C, CTRL+V) into a separate text file. Such notes should be added into new version manually in the same way (CTRL+N) as new notes.


  • Never erase the earlier version before you are sure, that the new version works!
  • Never erase the earlier version before you make a backup of you log data!
  • An excellent way to back up you log is the ADIF export, the resulting file can be zipped and stored in a safe location without any problem because it is quite small.