WARNING! Backup your data often! BACKUP your log directory at the end of EVERY session! All that you need to backup and store in a safe place is the log database directory located in the ~/.config/cqrlog/database folder, or you can enable the autobackup function in Preferences. This autobackup function creates an ADIF file with a backup of your log. /td>
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RECOMMENDATION: Make new log for each contest, do not allow qrz/hamqth search. It slows things. Note: This is NOT a contest logging add-on!!! It is meant to be a tool for "Sunday contesters working in Tourist Class". Do not expect wonders!

Form Contest is just a "child form" for NewQSO to make qso logging faster when working in contests. With Tru and Msg is Loc setting it is useful also in VHF, UHF, SHF Tropo, Es etc. openings for fast qso logging.

HOTKEYS works like in New QSO window. 2xESC clears all fileds, F1..F10 send CW macros etc.

Form Contest has following fields: