WARNING! Backup your data often! BACKUP your log directory at the end of EVERY session! All that you need to backup and store in a safe place is the log database directory located in the ~/.config/cqrlog/database folder, or you can enable the autobackup function in Preferences. This autobackup function creates an ADIF file with a backup of your log.
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CW interface

  • Assuming that your CW interface is properly set up and working, you can add and/or edit your CW messages.

    First, set up your CW messages. In the upper menu bar on the logging screen, click on the 'CW' item.

    Choose the 'Messages' option. In the resulting window, edit your CW messages which will be played if you press the corresponding F key (in the logging screen). You can set up to 10 predefined messages:

    There are some predefined macros which you can use in your messages:

    %mc - my callsign
    %mn - my name
    %mq - my qth
    %r - rst to be sent
    %n - his name
    %c - his callsign
    | - half space
    %h - greetings (GM/GA/GE) calculated from local time of worked station
    %rs - rst to be sent, 9 replaced with N

    Another option 'CW type' is a powerful keyboard keyer with 3 operation modes:

    These modes are common on professional keyboard keyers.

    The keying speed can be changed with PgUp (QRQ) and PgDn (QRS) keys in 2 WPM steps. In the 'CW type' window, it can also be changed with the small arrow buttons to the right of the speed display. The actual speed is always displayed in the status line of the logging screen.

    Setup howtos for both cwdaemon and Winkey USB are available.

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