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CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. Provides radio control based on hamlib libraries (currently support of 140+ radio types and models), DX cluster connection, online callbook, a grayliner, internal QSL manager database support and a most accurate country resolution algorithm based on country tables developed by OK1RR. CQRLOG is intended for daily general logging of HF, CW & SSB contacts and strongly focused on easy operation and maintenance. More details in About section. You can write your own review of the CQRLOG for Linux at eHam.net.


Future of CQRLOG

Me and Saku, OH1KH are working on WSJTx support for CQRLOG. After we finish it, I’ll release new version 1.9.1.
I’m thinking about the future of CQRLOG development. It’s very good piece of software and has almost all what I want as a CW guy. Yes, I believe there are bugs that have to be fixed but don’t know about any new feature that would help me on the air.


CQRLOG 1.9.0 for Raspberry Pi 2

Thanks to Laci, HA5ZG we have CQRLOG 1.9.0 packaged also for this very popular small computer.

CQRLOG 1.9.0 released!

After two months we have new version. Changelog is quite long and includes many new features. Especially people who have CQRLOG on more computers will be happy. Thanks to Saku, OH1KH propagation window shows more details. More in Download section. 

CQRLOG 1.8.3 released!

This is mainly bugfix version. Bug related to new NOAA service and MariaDB 10 have been fixed. Packages for Trusty and Utopic are already on Launchpad. More in Download section.

CQRLOG 1.8.2 released!

After two months or so, we have new version. There are many bugfixes and also some new features. Bug in database upgrade script has been fixed, everyone who couldn't upgrade shouldn't have any problem with 1.8.2. Packages for Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 are already on Launchpad. More in Download section.

CQRLOG 1.8.1 released!

It seems I should skip any version like 1.X.0. There is always at least one critical bug and I have to release bugfix version. I'm sorry it took so long time, first bug with ESC key was easy to fix but other bug with slow saving QSO took me longer. Good news is that now CQRLOG should be faster. More in Download section. I'm sorry for inconvenience. Packages for Ubuntu 14.04 are already created on Launchpad.

CQRLOG 1.8.0 released!

It has been almost three months since last release. This version has probably the longest changelog ever. I'd like to thanks to Tom, DL7BJ for help. I'm sorry that not all of requsted features are in this release. My TODO list is still very long.
CQRLOG is now officialy supported on Ubuntu 14.04, however there are also DEB packages and binary files for other distributions. More in download section

LHS Episode #128: Interview with OK2CQR

In this episode, we have a great interview with Linux software developer and ham radio enthusiast from the Czeck Republic, Petr Hlozek – OK2CQR. He is the author of CQRlog and HamQTH.com. Unfortunately, Petr’s audio was a little hot and nothing we could do made it better. Our sincerest apologies. Sound problems aside, we hope you enjoy this fascinating look into the life and mind of an Open Source ham. 73 de The LHS Guys http://lhspodcast.info/2014/05/lhs-episode-128-interview-with-ok2cqr/

CQRLOG 1.7.4 released!

I wanted to release new version after 17th of April but ARRL has changed addresses and autorization to LoTW. This is very important feature and I decided to release new version sooner. Changelog is quite long and includes a few nice features. Packages on Lauchpad are already created, CQRLOG should be available in distribution updates very soon.
More in Download section


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