WARNING! Backup your data often! BACKUP your log directory at the end of EVERY session! All that you need to backup and store in a safe place is the log database directory located in the ~/.config/cqrlog/database folder, or you can enable the autobackup function in Preferences. This autobackup function creates an ADIF file with a backup of your log.
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QSO record edit

Most editing operations can be done from the QSO list window which appears by pressing Ctrl-O or clicking the corresponding menu item from the logging screen.

The QSO list displays either all QSO records or a limited number (QSO since ... year), depending on the Preferences -> Program settings.

This window has a quite complex icon system which is explained here:

A single record can be edited (viewed, deleted) if you highlight it using mouse or up/down keys and click the corresponding button (it will be EA8FC in the example above). You will be returned to the QSO logging window which is now changed to an Edit window. This status is clearly marked with the red message (edit mode) just behind the Call header which is also displayed in red. All fields can be edited. When you finish editing, you should save the chages using the ENTER key or by clicking the Save QSO [enter] button, in the same way that you do when you log a new contact.

A QSO record can now be edited directly from the logging screen. The QSOs made in last few days (see Preferences -> New QSO) are displayed in the logging screen. Right click on the required record which appears in the logging screen, and select edit QSO, exactly as described above (here 5R8IC will be edited).

You can also view the record and search in the QRZ database or look for the QSL manager in the IK3QAR QSL manager database.

Group edit

A record can be tagged by clicking the corresponding icon or with the mouse - hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and left click on the QSO record to be tagged.

Click the Edit QSO button and the group edit menu appears:

Choose the field to be edited from the pulldown menu:

The field name changes. Enter the value (word, string) which will appear in ALL tagged QSO records. Click the Apply button and the value in all tagged records will be changed to the value entered into Value: box. All values entered within a session are temporarily stored so you can list it with the "down arrow" button in the group edit menu.
WARNING! There is no UNDO option! If you click the Apply button, there is no way to return to previous values! Make a backup before any group edit operation!

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