WARNING! Backup your data often! BACKUP your log directory at the end of EVERY session! All that you need to backup and store in a safe place is the log database directory located in the ~/.config/cqrlog/database folder, or you can enable the autobackup function in Preferences. This autobackup function creates an ADIF file with a backup of your log.
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CQRLOG offers a wide variety of filtering options allowing you to select and export records (for awards etc.) in ADIF or HTML formats.

Most of the fields have an option to select records based on an exact match or on a substring contained in the selected field, ie. if you want to select all WA3 stations, put WA3 into the 'Callsign' box and click the 'Include' radio button. Note, please, that if you select contacts with members of a particular club or from your own database, you should choose the time span (date from-to) to make the 'Membership' option active.

The sorting order can be selected from the following options:

Selected records can be grouped by the following criteria:

Once your filter is set up, go to the upper menu (item 'File' in QSO list) and choose 'Export'.

Choose 'ADIF' or 'HTML'. The usual File Save dialog appears (depending on the desktop used). Choose a location and file name.

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