WARNING! Backup your data often! BACKUP your log directory at the end of EVERY session! All that you need to backup and store in a safe place is the log database directory located in the ~/.config/cqrlog/database folder, or you can enable the autobackup function in Preferences. This autobackup function creates an ADIF file with a backup of your log. /td>


Callbook support

When callbook support is enabled information for callsign can be searched by selecting
Search or pressing F6 key.

By default currently highlighted callsign from QSO list is selected for search.
Any callsign may be typed in and then Search pressed.
Close or ESC key closes window.

With Database update you can search call book information for already worked qsos in the log.
Update may be focused to whole log (do you really need that?), filtered selection (F12) from log
or manually selected qsos from log.(Ctrl+left mouse click(s)).
Update can keep names untouched while updating other information from HamQTH/QRZ.

Update takes about one second per logged qso. It can be cancelled at any time and cqrlog
remembers the breakpoint and can continue from that point on next time.
How ever the continued update may fail if the breakpoint from last run is outside of current

Database update start questions:

Information about update process: